Editor-in-Chief of the IJDTA Journal
  • Jianhua Ma, Hosei University, Japan
Bibliographic Information
  • ISSN: 2207-9688 (Online)
  • Former Publisher: SERSC Australia
  • Publisher: NADIA
  • Management Office: PO Box 5075, Sandy Bay, Tasmania 7005 Australia
Publication and Updates
  • Last day of March, June, September, December
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Journal Aims
  • IJDTA aims to facilitate and support research related to database theory and application technology.
  • Our Journal provides a chance for academic and industry professionals to discuss recent progress in the area of database theory and application technology.
Journal Topics
  • Advanced databases (object-oriented DB, web-based DB, multimedia DB, temporal and spatial
  • Biomedical and healthcare data mining privacy
  • Classification and Ranking
  • Clustering
  • Cryptographic tools for privacy preserving data mining
  • Data Analysis
  • Data and Knowledge Visualization
  • Data integration and interoperability
  • Data management for ubiquitous and mobile computing
  • Data mining and information extraction
  • Data modeling and architectures
  • Data provenance
  • Data quality
  • Data security, privacy and trust
  • Data streaming
  • DB, deductive and active DB, etc.
  • Dynamic Data Mining
  • Heterogeneous databases
  • Inference and disclosure control for data mining
  • Integration of Data Warehousing
  • Interactive and Online Mining
  • Intermittently connected data
  • KDD Process and Human Interaction
  • Mining Trends, Opportunities or Risks
  • OLAP and Data Mining
  • Parallel and Distributed Data Mining
  • Physical database design and performance evaluation
  • Privacy and security when mining outsourced data
  • Privacy preserving data aggregation and integration
  • Privacy Preserving Data Mining
  • Privacy threats due to data mining
  • Query processing and optimisation
  • Reliability and Robustness Issues
  • Scientific Databases
  • Security and privacy in spatio-temporal data mining
  • Semantic web and ontologies
  • Semi-structured data, metadata
  • Social and mathematical statistics
  • Software Warehouse and Software Mining
  • Temporal Data
  • Text Mining
  • Trust management for data mining
  • Web Data and the Internet
  • XML and databases, web services
  • ¬†Others
Associate Editor
  • Yanchun Zhang, Victoria University, Australia
Advisory/Editorial Boards
  • Anissa Bayoudh, Faculty des Sciences Tunis, Tunisia
  • Anne James, Coventry University, UK
  • Debnath Bhattacharyya, Heritage Inst. of Technology, India
  • Dharminder Kumar, uru Jambheshwar University of S & T, India
  • Gokop Goteng, Science & Technology Facilities Council, England
  • H M Rai, NC College of Engineering, Panipat, India
  • Izzet Kale, University of Westminster, United Kingdom
  • Jian Lu, Nanjing University, China
  • Jun Hong, Queen’s University Belfast, UK
  • L M Patnaik, Indian Institute of Science, India
  • Lachlan McKinnon, University of Abertay Dundee, UK
  • Lokesh Kumar Sharma, Runga College of Engineering & Technology, India
  • Maricel Balitanas-Salazar, University of San Agustin, Philippines
  • Nittaya Kerdprasop, Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand
  • Rosana Cheh, CONICET-Argentine, Argentina
  • Rosslin John Robles, University of San Agustin, Philippines
  • Shanmugasundaram Hariharan, TRP Engineering College (SRM Group), India
  • Sangeeta Gupta, Om Institute of Technology & Management, India
  • Shyam S Agrawal, CDAC-NOIDA and KIIT Gurgaon, India
  • Sukumar Nandi, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahat, India
  • Tatsuya Akutsu, Kyoto University, Japan
  • Tutut Herawan, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Indonesia
  • Veselka Boeva, Technical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • Vijay Kumar, University of Missouri-Kansas, USA
  • Yong Shi, Kennesaw State University, USA
  • ¬†
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